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How to use AR Kids Kit 4D

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Download Cards

Download cards and print them or show them on another phone/screen

AR Flash Cards

Download Application

Download the (AR Kids Kit 4D) app click on the app icon
AR Kid's Kit

How to use

Operating steps

1-Download the app
2-Download the cards and print them or view them on another phone
3-Show the first card of the section cards whose files you downloaded, for example, the letter A from the English letters section
4-The application works for the first and second card of each group for free (a total of 22 cards for free)
The rest of the cards need to be purchased from within the application

Unlock All Cards

Choose a section

Choose a secion AR kids kit

Tap on market icon
Tap on market icon.

Solve the question
Solve the question

Tap restore to restore old purchase or tap unlock for new purchase

Tap restore to restore old purchase or tap unlock for new purchase

After a successful purchase/restore return to section, you can use all cards in this section

Activate VR Mode

After open any section find the icon with VR glass as shown
Activate VR Mode

Make you cell phone in landscape and put it in the VR glasses
VR Mode in AR Kids Kit 4D

AR Anatomy T-shirt

Download T-shirt QR code from here
Print it on T-shirt or on A4 paper and Fixed it on front face of T-shirt as shown
AR Anatomy T-shirt

Open AR kids kit app and open internal anatomy section
Point with phone to T-shirt
AR Anatomy T-shirt